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The East Rand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ERCOC) and their American Inbound Marketing partner HubSpot, has embarked on a job- creation project by subsidising member companies to start their own Inbound or Electronic Marketing Department.

They believe that if a business entity earns more revenue they will obviously have to employ more staff, and due to the fact that the buying process now starts on the internet, it stands to reason that the astute business owners will want to increase their exposure in Cyber space.

Marketing Departments is a luxury that smaller enterprises cannot afford. To employ an Electronic Marketing Consultancy Company, at budgets of in access of R 400,000.00 per annum is in most instances not an option.

This limited offer to 10 members only, is as follows

The following services will be performed:

  1. Target market analysis, creating buyer persona to properly direct marketing efforts.
  2. A complete competitor analysis.
  3. Keyword research to ensure that correct keywords may be used to direct traffic to the newly designed website.
  4. Current website analyses to assist in the development of the new or altered website.
  5. Research and development of prime content (downloadable E-books) offer to be downloaded by website visitors.
  6. Writing of 4 Blog posts per month with market related content aimed at enhancing the image and expertise of the member in their related field of business.
  7. Designing of a landing page to convert visitors into leads when downloading prime content.
  8. Design and research Call to action to entice visitors to download prime content offer.
  9. Development of a fully responsive website, capable to impress visitors.

R2688 per month excl. vat
for 24 Months

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