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We are growing and need you to join our team.

Royalyard Traders 52 (PTY) Ltd t/a Chamberlink was appointed in 2003 as the service provider of ERCOC (East Rand Chamber of Commerce & industry) and currently employ 21 people.

Please feel free to browse our website to avail yourself with all the services we offer to our 560 ERCOC members, of which the latest addition namely Inbound marketing is surely the most exciting.

Chamberlink is a well-established entity and proud themselves with a normal to low staff turnover, The current average employment period amongst our staff is 4 with the longest serving member being 12 years.

From time to time employment opportunities does exist and on 2 July 2015 the following vacancies are open:

Part time bloggers.

Our latest and most exiting service we now offer to our members is Inbound marketing which we offer in partnership with the American inbound gurus namely Hubspot

In short this service can be described as follows;

  • The buying process is now starting with Google and the struggle to be on the first page when a search is conducted on your specific service, is what blogging is all about.
  • The use of specific industry related keywords and sentences used in the blogs is what is important. Google with their search engines scrutinise all websites with the relevant requested information and ranks the search with the most pertinent information.
  • The search now ends on the most represented website and the visitor must immediately be entertained to stay on the site. This decision to stay or to pass could only be measured in milliseconds and if your website does not meet with the visitor’s expectation the opportunity for an enquiry is lost.

Bloggers also have the task to produce intelligent reading material so as to not only create interest but to ensure that confidence in the customer / website is confirmed.

Copy and paste from other sites is not only illegal but gets rejected by Google with penalties.

To summarise blogs is 450 to 600 word essays written to contain certain keywords and to create confidence in services and or products about certain subjects.

Freelance Membership representatives.

Although inbound marketing changed the beginning of the buying process, closing the sale still depends heavily on a sales executive to represent the chamber face to face when you turn an inquiry into a sale.

In South Africa inbound marketing is a relatively new concept, more especially amongst smaller entities. Enterprise with a turnover of less than R35M normally would rely on outbound marketing doing;

  • Advertising on paper (news magazines and leaflets)
  • Advertising on billboards.
  • Direct selling with representatives
  • Some rely solely on word to mouth advertising

Real intense marketing and brand establishing would be expected to cost an arm and a leg, and only the corporate companies could be expected to afford such a luxury. It is also true that inbound marketing is perceived to be expensive and in most instances it is expensive.

Chamber members, due to sheer numbers is privileged enough to receive this service at prices no other marketing company can achieve.

Not only can Chamberlink provide these services at phenomenal prices but members can chose to establish their own marketing departments, with the training provide by ERCOC.

Please feel free to browse the website for more exiting services on offer at unbelievable prices.

To summarise the freelance representatives required has the task to;

  1. Turn inquiries into sales created by inbound marketing.
  2. To create their own inquiries with existing and established outbound methods.

The commission paid will earn the representative an above average to high income, depending on his or her capabilities to close deals.

Chamberlink believe in employing winners and will always be on the lookout for permanent staff from the ranks of temporary staff that perform above average.

Training will be provided in all aspects of the services on offer to chamber members.

Should you wish to obtain more information on employment with Chamberlink feel free to contact me personally.

Koot van der WaltKoot van der Walt
083 269 2492
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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