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Website Google Ranking

Recently we have been asked how you can ensure that your website will do well on Google rankings.

Having a website has become a necessity in business. It is more than a status symbol; it is proof that your company is here to stay. But in an ideal world you would want as many potential clients possible to visit your website.

Following is a short explanation of how Google works and things to consider about your website.

The way Google go about rating websites

This is done by working through the website and determining how valuable it will be to prospective Google users.

What this basically means is when someone for example google the term "east rand chamber" google will refer to websites which have this phrase in it. It therefore is critical that your website is filled with relevant text. Each key word you choose should at least be mentioned twice. The more your products and services are mentioned the more Google will look at it as value adding to the internet.

Let's say the homepage of your website will be the landing page. When your website is opened what information is shared with the potential client? I suggest we make use of the space on the home page and mention:

  • Your top products.
  • What they are + what their specific features are and why it is worth buying
  • Pictures of these products + short description and a link to the products page where people can read even more about these and other products.
  • What makes me a possible client?
  • Name a few different scenarios where being a client will be of value to me.
  • Etc.

By visiting your website visitors should immediately see what you do.
This kind of information on your website will enhance the value of visitors and Google reward value adding websites.

Google has to rate your website as value adding or the results might be more disappointing than desired.

This could be a very daunting process, but luckily you have access to our assistance. Our web development department will cover all the design aspects to ensure that visitors are welcomed to a professional, modern looking, user friendly website. Design unfortunately only covers part of the process.

We suggest you appoint someone at your office to compile value adding information so we can ensure your website is fully loaded with valuable information to enhance the user experience?
The better the construction of your information, the better your website will rank. Seeing that nobody knows your business the way you do, you will know what is value adding and what isn't. We will on our side ensure that the design side of the website meet the standards set out by Google.

Regarding images

Pictures always sell. Adding good looking pictures of your products, plant, staff etc. we can enhance the appearance of your website. These pictures require descriptions. Google works through images and reward websites with a good, clean structure. When images are named correctly Google can assign them to specific categories and this is why it is important to include your own photos which is directly linked to your specific field (not google searched photos).

If you require that someone from of our office come out to take some pictures, we can also arrange it. Free of charge.

Link building

Link building refers to different websites with a link to your website.
As a chamber member we will include your website link on our members directory. This includes description of your company etc.
We suggest that you ask your suppliers and clients etc. to also add your website url on their website. Many of the larger companies have a links page on their website where they will add your url for free. They might request that you also add their link on your website. Just send the link through to us and we will add it.

Now it is to get as many people to visit your website as possible. Get your domain out there. Put it on your business cards, flyers, brochures, adverts, Facebook account, your google+ account, your twitter account etc.

If you are in a market where people would appreciate e-mail newsletters, we can also add a newsletter sign up form on your website. This way you can enlarge your pool of potential clients and keep them up to date with relevant news and product updates. (It is important to ensure that you only send these emails to registered members to ensure that you are not blacklisted for spam)

Your website is the corner stone upon which you can build. Ensure that this window to the world is as up to date and informative as possible.

To get access to our web development services, join the East Rand Chamber of Commerce today.

If you have any questions, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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