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Chamber of Commerce Franchise

Affordable Franchises for enthusiastic, sales orientated professionals

R530,000 Will buy you

a Chamberlink Franchise in your area and you will start your new future of servicing Chamber members as follows:

Chamberlink Franchise Opportunities

In depth Training to qualify and certify you to be able to represent your chamber to potential members:

  1. BBBEE consulting (1 test)
  2. Labour consulting (1test)
  3. Inbound marketing (2 tests plus practical)
  4. Chamber of commerce and industry policies and procedures (1test)
  5. Policies and procedures in issuing certificates of origin
  6. Preparation, policies and procedures for arbitration.

You will receive the following services from Chamberlink head Office:You will then set up a home-based or commercial office and start offering your new franchise services to Chamber of commerce members.

  1. Three months training in the above specialities.
  2. Your own highly responsive and professional website.

All your newly recruited Chamber members will receive from head office the following Chamberlink services:

  1. A Chamber report on their Company
  2. OHS manual and 6 annual training in OHS
  3. Hosting and development of their own responsive website linked to Hubspot
  4. BEE consulting and verification
  5. Labour representation at CCMA
  6. Inbound Marketing consulting
  7. Access of information manual and registration
  8. 5 X Email addresses
  9. Access to study material on the online chamber Academy
You will be able to withdraw a monthly salary of R 25000.00 for 3 months from your Chamberlink Franchise, while you study.
You can expect to meet a break even budget on a secure monthly debit order income, after 10 months and a 100% return on investment after 36 months.
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