Terms and Conditions

Delegates reservation forms to be submitted at the latest 7 days before training. Forms available on our website, via e-mail, telephone or from our Consultants. 4335 or nadia@www.chamberlink.co.za. 100% if cancelled within 24 hours of agreed training date/s.
Training will only take place if reservation forms has been completed and faxed or e-mailed to us at (011) 814-4335 or nadia@www.chamberlink.co.za
All training fees must be paid 48 hours before the training date.
Cancellations 50% if cancelled les than 2 days from agreed training date/s.
Confirmation letters and Invoices will be e-mailed or faxed to each company 48 hours before training date/s.
Chamberlink reserves the right to change/cancel/re-schedule training dates or venue without prior notification.
Please note:  Do not make payments without an invoice.  We will only confirm your booking

once we receive the completed registration form.

Payment method (Please do not mail any payments)

Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit

Account Name:        Chamberlink

Bank:                        ABSA

Branch:                     Nigel

Branch Code:           632005

Account No:            4056364501